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Expocrete Paving Stones and Retaining Wall Block - Calgary & Surrounding Areas

Paving Stones and Retaining Wall Block

Holland Collection

Holland pavers have a simple shape and utilitarian appeal that offers exceptional strength and durabilit combined with a range of captivating colour blends. Its clean, modular shape coupled with its interchangeability makes possible a myriad of applications.

 Holland Collection
Collection Size In Stock Colour Price Per Piece
Holland 12X12 Charcoal Call for price
  8X8 Charcoal Call for price
  4X8 Charcoal Call for price

Roman Euro Collection

The Roman Euro Collection can be mixed and matched by size and colour, resulting in one-of-a-kind designs for residential and commercial applications. From driveways and patios to plazas, Roman Euro is a perennial classic.

Roman Euro Collection

Collection Size In Stock Colour Price Per Piece
Roman Euro 6X9   Charcoal Call for price
  6X6 Charcoal Call for price

Garden and Retaining Wall Block


The Stackstone collection features a 2-sided finish and the self-aligned, tapered stone design provides a structural interlock making straight walls, curves and corners easy to design and build. Maximum allowable height is 2.0 ft. 

Collection Size In Stock Colour Price Per Piece
Stackstone Coping Charcoal Call for price
  Coping Rustic Call for price
  Standard Charcoal Call for price
  Standard Rustic Call for price
  Corner Charcoal Call for price
  Corner Rustic Call for price

Expocrete Slabs 

 Aria Slab

Taking its inspiration from modern architecture, the Aria offers simplicity of design within the 3 paving stones, accented with a crisp false joint on two of the profiles. 

Aria is ideal for patios and walkways and can also be coupled with other 60mm paver collections.

Each slab measures 24" by 12" and are sold per pallet layer which consists of 6 units.

Collection Size In Stock Colour Price Per Layer
Aria Slab 6 Units (24"X12" each) Charcoal 75.89$

Mega Libre Slab

Mega-Libre™ offers the irregularity of the edges offers a natural looking edge and profile similar to flagstone without cutting. With its dimpled surface and unique colour blends, Mega-Libre is the perfect stone with no detectable pattern.

Mega-Libre slabs are sold per layer and include 2 large units and 2 small units. 

Collection Size In Stock Colour Price Per Payer
Mega Libre Slab 4 Units (2 Large and 2 Small) Rustic 56.27$


Available product colours are listed above. However we can special order any of the four main colours at no additional cost. If you are interested in any other Expocrete products we will happily order them for you. 

Paving Stone Colours