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Tote or Bulk

Same great product... 2 ways to get it!

Graphic: Tote vs. Bulk

Pick-Up & Delivery

Order online... Pick-up your product or have us deliver it.

We are OPEN for pick-ups during our posted hours

For Bulk Pick-ups - order and pay at Sales Window. 

For tote Pick-ups, please call ahead or order at Sales Window.  Wait time varies depending on how busy the yard is. 

For Deliveries: We require 24 hours notice to make any changes to already scheduled orders.

Graphic: Pick-Up Flow

Maximum Loads Per Product Type

Pre-ordered totes will be ready for pick-up the following day, or a future day of your choice.  A half-ton truck can usually hold a 1/2-cubic yd of rock, 1 cubic yd of soil, or 1-2 cubic yds of mulch. Approximate weights are listed below.

ProductWeight (Lbs/Cubic Yard) *
Bark Mulch/Nuggets 400-800 Lbs
Sand & Gravel
Road Crush 3,000 Lbs
Sand 2,600-3,100 Lbs
Washed Crush Stone 2,700 Lbs
Screened Loam/Top Soil 1,800-2,200 Lbs
Garden Mix 1,500-1,800 Lbs
Compost 1,000-1,600 Lbs
* A product's weight may change depending on moisture content.

How much does delivery cost?

Delivery costs vary depending on the method of delivery, volume and/or area.

  • Bulk deliveries are charged a flat rate based on volume; per load maximums are 22 yds mulch, 12 yds soil, 10 yds rock.
  • Alternatively, tote/pallet delivery charges apply to EACH tote or pallet. Delivery of each additional tote/pallet is $39.99+GST.
  • We can also do split load (2 products) for bulk deliveries. Please contact our office for this type of delivery. There are restrictions to volume and weight for this type of delivery.  Additional charge applies. 
  • Delivery costs are determined upon checkout when ordering online or contact our office if you have any questions.

When will my delivery arrive?

Delivery arrival dates will be determined based on availability and weather.

  • After placing your order, our dispatchers will notify you via email of your predicted delivery date within 48 hours. If you have not heard from us within two business days, please check your junk mail folder for our reply, or contact our office to confirm receipt of order.
  • Deliveries are typically made between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday to Friday, and Saturdays and/or Sundays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • If you require a specific date and time, please inform us in the comments section of your order. We will do our best to accommodate your requests but cannot gaurantee it as we are experiencing a high volume of deliveries this time of year.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot indicate specific drop times as there are many factors at play in travel times. However, if you are not home, you can mark your drop spot with an “X” with chalk or tape for the drivers. If you have indicated on your order specific drop instructions, the drivers have a copy of that. Please ensure the driver is able to access your specified delivery location or add an additional location as a backup. 
  • If your order only consists of an "accessory" your delivery will be scheduled for when we are in the area. 

Do I need to be home when it arrives?

We do not require you to be present at the time of delivery.

  • If you would like to be home when the product arrives, please inform us in the comments section of your order.
  • If you choose not to be home during the delivery, please clearly specify drop instructions and mark the location with an X. Please note: if you say "the left side of the driveway", that means the left side as we are looking at it from the road.
  • Please see Refund Policy for more details.

How is a tote delivered vs. a bulk delivery?

A tote is delivered using a crane truck or Forklift. WATCH VIDEO.  Please indicate which type of delivery you would prefer?  Additional charge of $29 for crane truck delivery may apply.

  • Materials are delivered loose using a dump truck for bulk deliveries.
  • For safety reasons, there are some limitations to where deliveries can be placed.

FAQs & Tips > Delivery BulkFAQs & Tips > Delivery Tote

Where can a tote be placed?

Your tote can be placed on your driveway, parking pads, back alleys, and on the edge of your property as long as there is access from the roadway.

  • With an X or sign, mark where you would like the tote placed. Please note, if you say "the left side of the driveway", that means the left side as we are looking at it from the road.
  • We cannot deliver into garages or over every type of fence. Our drivers will assess safety and viability on-site and have the final say.  If you require a tote delivery over a fence, you must indicate this in your order so that we can send on a crane truck.   A separtate delivery charge may apply if not indicated.  
  • Please see Delivery Policy for more details.
  • We cannot dump or crane near overhead power lines. 

FAQs & Tips > Delivery Placement 1FAQs & Tips > Delivery Placement 2

Where can loose product be dumped?

We can place a product on your driveway, parking pad, back alley or roadway.

  • With an X or sign, mark where you would like the product placed. Please note, if you say "the left side of the driveway", that means the left side as we are looking at it from the road.
  • We are unable to go through gates narrower than 9 feet.
  • Back alley deliveries can be limitied due to the proximity of overhead power lines.
  • Due to the truck's weight and material, full tandem loads of soil and rock may be limited to roadside dumps.
  • We suggest not having the product dumped on exposed aggregate.
  • Please see Delivery Policy for more details.

Where can a yard waste tote or bin be placed for pick-up?

Please place the tote or bin in the location where we dropped it off or within 15 feet of where a crane can access it from the road.

  • At the end of a driveway or in the back alley is best.
  • We cannot crane a waste tote over fences or into a garage.

How Do I Return/Recycle the Tote Bag?

The tote return program has changed for the 2022 season due to rising costs.  You can still return the tote bag to Bark Mulch Depot and receive a $10 credit per bag towards your next order (no deposit or cash value).  Alternatively, we can pick up the bag(s) when you make your next order and receive a $10 credit per bag towards that order.  We no longer do free empty tote pick ups.  Bags eligible for a credit towards future purchase are:  1 cubic yard tote, Junior tote, 1/3 cord firewood bag, 1/6 cord firewood bag, Weekender firewood bag. We only accept Bark Mulch Depot totes that are in good condition.  Ripped, torn or damaged totes will not be accepted for credit.  Competitor bags will not be accepted either. 

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