Delivery Policy

We always strive to deliver your product in a safe and friendly manner, and make every attempt to place the product where you need it. There are however, restrictions on where your product can be placed. Please know your city/town/municipal bylaws before ordering. When your product is placed it is your responsibility.  

If you cannot be home for your delivery, a clear marking (with an X or otherwise) is required to avoid any confusion.  We are not responsible to move the product to a new location at any point.  

When ordering product from us, you acknowledge that the delivery activity involves risks and potential dangers to personal safety and property. This includes, but is not limited to: damage to driveways, pathways or sidewalks; tire or other marks on driveway or sidewalk surfaces; potential collapse or sinking of driveways, turf or dirt areas.  

You also acknowledge that all persons and pets will stay clear of the delivery vehicle and product until delivery is complete.

We encourage you to seek expert advice as to whether the delivery activities may cause property damage or personal injury on your site. If the delivery is not on your site, and you are not the property owner, please obtain written consent of the owner of the property and/or the city/town/municipality prior to giving any instructions to our operators to conduct the delivery activities.

By ordering our product, you acknowledge and consent to the limitations listed above and indemnify and hold harmless all owners/directors, employees and subcontractors of Ganco Enterprises Inc. O/A Bark Mulch Depot