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Bark Mulch Depot

How It Works

Product Pickup

We are open for pick ups during our posted hours, weather permitting.  No need to pre-order, we can process your purchase in the office. We do close the yards during heavy rains/snow. Please call ahead during these times.

Please Note: 

  • Minimum purchase of a 1/2 cubic yard for all pickups. We sell product by 1/2 cubic yard increments.
  • $5 + GST loading fee applies to any load under 1 cubic yard.
  • We use a skid steer to load product into your truck or trailer, therefore products must be loaded from the TOP of the vehicle or trailer. We cannot load bulk or bagged product into a van or enclosed vehicle. We can however, place the material close to your vehicle for you to shovel into the vehicle.
  • You may self load bulk firewood at your own risk. Alternatively, we can load a pre-measured tote bag into your truck for you. We do not load loose firewood with a loader bucket into your vehicle.
  • Please bring a tarp to secure any loose loads. We suggest using ratchet straps to secure tote bags. 
  • A half-ton truck can usually hold 1/2 Y3 of rock, 1 Y3 of soil or 1-2 Y3 of mulch. Approximate weights are listed below.


Weight (lbs/cubic yard)*

  Bark Mulch/Nuggets 400-800 lbs
Sand and Gravel    
  Road Crush 3000 lbs
  Sand 2600-3100 lbs
  Washed Crush Stone 2700 lbs
  Screened Loam/Top Soil 1800-2200 lbs
  Garden Mix 1500-1800 lbs
  Compost 1000-1600 lbs

*The weight of a product may change depending on moisture content.

Product Delivery

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