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Firewood FAQs

Typical Stacked Firewood Dimensions:

Firewood Dimensions

Firewood typically cut to 14-16" lengths. Widths/Diameters will vary.

How do you sell your wood?

We sell firewood by the fraction of a cord: Full Cord, 1/2 Cord, 1/3 Cord, and 1/6 Cord. Smaller quantities available: Weekender and Backyarder. Please visit our product page for more details. 

What is a "facecord" of wood?

A facecord is just another term for a 1/3 of a cord.

What is the difference between burning hardwood and softwood?

Generally hard wood will burn hotter and for longer periods of time. BTU ratings are traditionally used to compare the amount of energy released by burning a cord of any given species of wood. Pine has a heat rating of approximately 15 BTUs. Douglas Fir is a hotter burning softwood, with 20.5 BTUs. BC Birch has a heat rating of up to 23.5 BTUs. BC Birch is a much denser wood; it burns slower, hotter and longer.

Which woods spark or crackle?

Most softwoods like Pine, Cedar, and Douglas Fir will crackle. Birch will not. Birch will generally burn cleaner and, therefore, is recommended for indoor fireplaces. 

How much wood is in a weekender tote bag?

A weekender tote is 16''X16''x3'. It contains approximately 50 pieces of wood. It is the perfect amount of wood for a weekend fire and a great value compared to gas station bags! Don't forget to bring your tote bag back to us. We will refill it and give you a 10$ credit towards your next purchase!

Can I pick up firewood?

Yes. You may self-load firewood from the tote bags into your vechicle at our retail location. Alternatively, we can load a pre-measured tote bag into your truck for you. A $10 credit will be applied to your next order when you return the empty tote to us.  We do not load loose firewood with a loader bucket into your vehicle.

How is firewood delivered? 

We deliver firewood in a pre-measured tote bag with a picker crane or in a bulk dump. 

Where can you place a tote bag of firewood?

Currently, 1/6 cord and 1/3 cord tote bags are available for delivery. We are able to place them on the driveway, parking pad or back alley. We cannot place it on city property.

Premium BC Yellow Birch, Pine and Douglas Fir Firewood

Firewood is available for Pick Up or Delivery, bulk or in tote bags. 

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