Yard Waste

Pick up an empty bag at our retail location or use an existing bag, fill it with your yard waste, and contact us for pick up! *Some restrictions*

  • GREEN WASTE ONLY: Loose grass clippings, leaves, plant material, branches, Sod, Woodchips

  • CAN NOT CONTAIN: Rock, clay, feces, Food Wate or landfill garbage

Yard Waste (Tote)

Yard Waste (Tote)

  • $40.00 / Jr Tote (1/2 cu yd)
  • $50.00 / Full Tote (1 cu yd)

+Cost of Delivery (determined at checkout)

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Weed Growth & Erosion Barrier

Landscape fabric creates a barrier to help prevent weed growth and soil erosion, while allowing air and water to reach the soil.

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