Apple Trees

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    • Fresh apples can come right from your own backyard! Most apple trees will produce a lovely white flower in the spring time which will be replaced by a fresh apple ready for picking in the fall. 

    • Stocked Apple Trees are As follows: Combination Apple, Honey Crisp™ Apple and Hardi-Mac Apple.

    • Combination apple Tree: Different types of apple trees are grafted onto one, this means that one tree can produce different types of apples. Ripening time may vairy. Can get up to 10'-20' high and 10'-20' wide once maturity is reached. Does best in full sun. 

    • Honey crisp™ Apple tree: This is a smaller apple tree growing up to 16' high and 13' wide. Green foliage with white blossoms in the spring. Produces large red round apples that are crispy and sweet tasting that are usually ready for picking early to mid fall. 

    • Hardi-Mac Apple tree: Features showy white clusters of white flowers in the early spring. Smaller sized apple tree growing up to 16' high and 12' wide. Produces red sweet crispy apples that are ready in the late summer to early fall.