Full Sun/High Traffic Grass Seed

  • $272.39 / 11.40kg
  • $32.99 / 1kg bag
  • $109.19 / 4.5kg bag
  • $494.71 / 22.7kg bag

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  • This durable, cold hardy blend of TWCA qualified cultivars is designed to perform in full sun and high traffic areas.

  • Requires 50% less irrigation and resists drought up to a month and a half longer than an average lawn mix.

  • Use this blend to overseed your Manderley Less Water sod.

  • Formats: 1kg, 4.5kg, 11.4kg and 22.7kg bag (please note that the 4.5kg, 11.4kg and 22.7kg bag would have to be special ordered).

  • Coverage: 1kg x 1,900 ft2 (176 m2).

  • 12-32-6 Ratio.

  • Please note: This product is only availble by special order.

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