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    • STOCKED THYME VARIETIES ARE AS FOLLOWS: Red Creeping Thyme, Pink Chintz Creeping Thyme, Mother-of-Thyme

    • RED CREEPING THYME: Mature plant grows to 4" high and spreads nicely. This thyme boasts vibrant flowers that bloom prolifically throughout the summer season. Both the foliage and flowers are beautifully fragrant and attract butterflies. Easy to grow with little care.

    • PINK CHINTZ CREEPING THYME: Tight and low growing, spreading as a nice ground cover with fuzzy, fragrant foliage and equally sweet smelling, pink flowers that bloom mid-spring. Easy to grow and attractive to pollinators.

    • MOTHER-OF-THYME: Maturing to 4" high with dark green, fragrant foliage and beautiful lilac purple flowers that bloom early-mid summer. Dense and spreading, this plant works great as a ground cover when planted in multiples. 

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