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    • The beautiful and outstanding flowers produced by this plant are what makes Hydrangea's so popular

    • Flowers are produced in early spring and continue into fall under the proper conditions

    • Shrub forms can grow up to 6'-8' tall and wide. 

    • Stocked Hydrangea's are as follows: Incrediball® Hydrangea, Berry White® Hydrangea, Limelight Prime™ Hydrangea, Limelight Hydrangea, Little Quick Fire® Hydrangea 

    • incrediball® hydrangea: This beauty features massive silvery-pink blooms from summer to fall, can reach up to 5' high and wide. 

    • berry white® hydrangea: The large cone shaped blooms change throughout the season, starting off as a soft muted white, to a delicate pink and finally to a deep raspberry red. Can reach heights of 7' high and 5' wide.

    • limelight prime™ hydrangea: Limelight Prime™ Hydrangea is new and improved in comparason to the Limelight hydrangea, the Limelight Prime™ Hydrangea blooms much earlier, stronger stems, and brighter colours. As the blooms age they start off green and will turn shades of pink and red in the fall. Can reach up to 6' high and 5' wide. 

    • Limelight hydrangea: Huge football shaped blooms open up mid summer to late fall, they start off as a stunning lime green and will fade to a pink, red and burgundy as the bloom ages. Can reach up to 8' high and 8' wide. 

    • Little quick fire® Hydrangea: Is an early bloomer, about a month earlier than other hydrangea's. White flowers will change to pink as the summer goes on. Can grow up to 5' high and wide'.