Upright Junipers

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    • Upright junipers can grow very tall but dont have a wide spread which makes them great for wind breakers and can add a natural privacy fence to your landscape. 

    • Stocked Upright Junipers are as follows: Moonglow Juniper, Taylor Juniper 

    • Moonglow Juniper: Exceptionally showy, silvery blue foliage on a broad pyramidal form makes this a highly attractive landscape accent, excellent for screens, hedges, and group plantings. This tough plant has a dense, compact-branching habit that resists grazing by deer. Can grow up to 16' high with a spread of 7'. 

    • Taylor Juniper: Soft blue- green foliage, can be added as a dramatic vertical accent, reaches up to 30' and 3' wide, deer tend to leave this juniper alone.