Ground Cover Juniper

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    • Junipers add that little bit of greenery to your landscape that will stay green all year round.

    • STOCKED GROUND COVER JUNPERS ARE AS FOLLOWS: Calgary Carpet® Juniper, Gold Coast Juniper, Hughes Juniper, Prince of Wales Juniper, Mint Julep® Juniper, Savin Juniper.

    • CALGARY CARPET® JUNIPER: A superior evergreen groundcover with a very low, spreading habit and attractive soft green foliage. Use on slopes for groundcover or erosion control, along walkways, and in borders or rock gardens. Drapes nicely over retaining walls. A very durable landscape specimen that tolerates heat, cold, and drought

    • GOLD COAST JUNIPER: Outstanding golden colour and compact form make this evergreen and excellent choice as a colourful accent. Colour is retained and deepens in the winter better than other gold tipped varieties.  

    • HUGHES JUNIPER: Graceful branches are beautiful cascading over rocks or walls. A perfect accent or groundcover. Retains it's showy, glowing silver-blue foliage colouring through the winter. 

    • PRINCE OF WALES JUNIPER: A popular everygreen goundcover with low-growing, speading blue-green foliage, prized for its beautiful bronze- plum winter colour. The perfect fuss-free solution for rock gardens with poor soil quality, or for mass plantings to carpet banks and slopes. 

    • Mint Julep® Juniper: While this is considered a ground covering juniper, it is one of the taller ones growing up to 5' high and 7' wide. A standout because of it's brilliant mint green foliage displayed on a beautiful arching form. A constant performer in all climates in shrub borders, mass planting or on the fringe of natural areas. 

    • Savin Juniper: The semi vase-shaped form, with a somewhat spreading habit, adapts easily to most plantings. A wonderful evergreen background for other plants.