Approximately 12 inch lengths 

BC Orchard Wood, Good heat rating

A fruitwood used quite frequently for cooking



  • $34.99 / Backyarder Bag
  • $129.99 / Weekender Tote bag
  • $299.99 / 1/6 Cord Tote
  • $549.99 / 1/3 Cord Tote
  • $749.99 / 1/2 Cord Bulk
  • $1 449.99 / 1 Cord Bulk

+Cost of Delivery (determined at checkout)

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How Do I Return/Recycle the Tote Bag?

The tote return program has changed for the 2022 season due to rising costs.  You can still return the tote bag to Bark Mulch Depot and receive a $10 credit per bag towards your next order (no deposit or cash value).  Alternatively, we can pick up the bag(s) when you make your next order and receive a $10 credit per bag towards that order.  We no longer do free empty tote pick ups.  Bags eligible for a credit towards future purchase are:  1 cubic yard tote, Junior tote, 1/3 cord firewood bag, 1/6 cord firewood bag, Weekender firewood bag. We only accept Bark Mulch Depot totes that are in good condition.  Ripped, torn or damaged totes will not be accepted for credit.  Competitor bags will not be accepted either. 

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