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Sand & Gravel Bag or Bulk

Product and Pricing List 2014

The following products are available for delivery in bulk, or installation by one of our qualified crews. Extra charges apply for delivery, tote bag or installation.  Half cubic yard minimum for pick up or delivery. 

Road Crush 20mm - $39.00/yd3

Road Crush 3/4

  • Mixture of sand and rock
  • Used primarily as packing gravel
    under concrete, paving stones,
    patios, etc.

Washed Rock 20mm - $55.00/yd3

Washed Rock 28mm

  • Excellent drain rock
  • Natural grey colouring
  • Can be used in dog runs or
    general landscaping
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Gyra Rock 7mm - $45.00/yd3

Gyra Rock 7mm

  • Used for pathways, general landscaping, playgrounds
  • Good for ice management

Washed Rock 14mm - $55.00/yd3

Washed Rock 14mm

  • Can be used in playgrounds, general landscaping.
  • Good for seating areas
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Washed Sand 3mm - $65.00/yd3

Washed Sand 3mm

  • Fine sand used in masonry
  • Good for play sand boxes

Washed Sand 5mm - $65.00/yd3

Washed Sand 5mm

  • Use for mixing concrete
  • Use for levelling paving stones
  • Add to soil to lighten and loosen
Delivery - Installation - Order Now

Delivery - Installation - Order Now

* All prices noted are listed in Canadian Funds + GST
* Due to the fluctuating market, all prices are subject to change without notice
* Extra pricing applies for delivery and/or installation
* One cubic yard equals 27 cubic feet

Delivery & Pick-ups

Have Bark Mulch Depot deliver your landscaping products to your home. We can accommodate small and large quantities. Sand & gravel can be delivered in bulk (loose) or bag (1 cubic yard tote bag). Click here for delivery rates and more information.

Delivery Truck-1

Bulk (loose pile)

1 cubic yard tote bag

Bag (1 cubic yard tote bag)

Bark Mulch Depot is now also offering site pick-ups. Pick-ups are available anytime during site hours - view hours. We are located approximately 1km North of Calaway Park, and 2kms East of the Springbank Airport - view map.


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